Oregon woman steals video poker winnings
Gamblers know the rules when enjoy slots or table games. Individuals must follow the rules of the game to enjoy the entertainment correctly but also follow the unspoken rules of game play. Never walk away from a slot game without cashing out first or donít leave a table game without gathering your chips. Criminals have been known to frequent casinos and try to take advantage of gamers who are not paying attention.

Just recently, a video poker player in Oregon lost out on his gaming winnings when a fellow player took them. A young man was playing video poker at a local Eugene restaurant when he hit a winning streak. Over a short period of time, the man was able to accrue a nice amount of cash. The winner decided to take a break and unfortunately did not print his
voucher that would display his winnings.

When the player left the game, Lisa Bettles decided to move from her spot nearby and hop on the hot machine. She then printed the winning voucher and ran away from the restaurant. This took place in the early morning hours and the victim did not seem to know Bettles but soon became aware after it was revealed that she had taken his winning voucher.

The amount of the video poker voucher has yet to be revealed and police were contacted quickly after the incident. The victim actually decided to follow Bettles as she left the establishment and updated police to her whereabouts in the process. Once officers found Bettles she was arrested for a totally different crime, an unrelated theft warrant.

The stolen video poker voucher was voided by the establishment and the winner was given a new one to turn in. this incident just goes to show that players have to be careful with winnings and make sure to keep track of game play and any potential criminals nearby!

- 2016-06-02

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