North Carolina Men Charged in Video Poker Raid
Video poker machines are not allowed in several states of the US but this does not stop individuals from providing the games for gamblers to enjoy. Video poker machines can be found hidden in convenience stores, the backs of retailers and basically anywhere. With video poker gamers, owners can make a profit without cutting in the state or federal government when the games are provided on the down low. However, when caught, those involved can face serious charges and even jail time.

Just last week, three people were arrested for their involvement in a video poker scheme in North Carolina. Police were able to seize over 12 video poker machines from the Platinum Sweepstakes Café which is located in Greenville shopping center. The machines were not legally allowed in the store for operation but the owners, Christopher Lee Bass and Joseph Rex Bass Jr, were allowing gaming to continue.

Both men have now been charged with operating video gaming machines, five or more, which is a felony. They have also been charged with misdemeanor gambling. Investigators were able to determine that the owner of the video gaming machines was Donald Wayne Boyd. Boyd now faces three charges which includes misdemeanor gambling, operating five or more video gaming machines and felony manufacture, selling or leasing electronic video gaming machines.

All the suspects must turn themselves in to investigators to face the charges peacefully. Any non-preveal games are in violation of North Carolina sweepstakes law and this was a case in which the games were not permitted. Games must show in plain text the amount in which a player can win before they begin playing to be legal. These games do not do so and are just a few of many that have been confiscated over the past few months in the state.

- 2014-07-31

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