New Video Poker Titles Released by CG Technology
Video poker is a popular form of online gambling and can be found in online game play at a number of online casinos and gaming sites. CG Technology is a company that produces online casino games and recently announced the creation of two new video poker games. Improve Your Hand and Quick Draw Stud will now be available on mobile devices where CG Technology games are enjoyed.

Improve Your Hand is a multi-hand game that offers five cards per hand and will draw from a standard 52 card deck. The game is for real money and pays out depending on the hand that is played with prizes according to the pay table.
The second new video poker game is titled Quick Draw and is also a multi-hand game. Players receive five cards per hand and will use the same standard deck. Players will earn a payout for a two pair hand or better. Players can enjoy both new video poker games on an Android or Apple device including tablets and smartphones.

Lee M. Amaitis is the President and CEO of CG Technology and recently commented on the new game by stating: “We are excited to unveil our newest video poker offerings, which we are confident will be positively received by our customers and the marketplace,” said Lee M. Amaitis, president and CEO of CG Technology. “These new games complement our existing suite of video poker games and bring our customers fresh, never-before-seen poker games.”

The new games are now live and can be enjoyed via mobile device. CG Technology offers these games at properties in Las Vegas and you can enjoy the same great gaming as you visit the casino or log on from anywhere in Nevada. The games are sure to be a big hit alongside the many other titles provided by the company.

- 2014-08-06

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