Jefferson Parish Couple Arrested for Negligence after Video Poker
It is not uncommon for gamblers to make bad decisions when gaming. It seems like almost every day that players are getting into trouble by making a decision that is not legal or sound. From drinking too much or losing too much money, players make decisions that can affect their life for years to come. A couple from Jefferson Parish in Algiers decided to go play the video poker games last weekend which is a common decision. However the couple left three children in a vehicle while they went and gambled which is never a good thing. The couple now faces jail time for their decision to play the game without a proper babysitter.

Melvin Wright and Kim Arenales went to the Harvey Bar to play video poker and instead of finding someone to watch their children, they decided to leave the kids in the car. The three young children were left in the car and were ages 4, 3 and 18 months. One of the children was injured with a cut on his shin which was believed to be a gunshot wound, which is crazy within itself.

Wright had went to check on the kids during the game play and that is when he noticed the cut on his shins. Instead of taking the child to the doctor, the dad drove the kids home and then on the way home, he got into a car accident and then left the scene.

Wright then told officials that he went home first to change out license plates and hide the switched plate from police. Once he switched the cars, he then took the child to the hospital to be checked. When the child was treated, the couple was arrested and the crazy night came to an end. During the arrest, Arenales became irrational and began to become physical with police. The mom was then booked on three counts of cruelty to a juvenile for each child as well as resisting arrest.

- 2014-09-12

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