Convenience Store Robber Caught Playing Video Poker
When a criminal decides to rob a store or business, they must have an escape plan. Without an effective escape plan, a robber may get away with cash but will be unable to go very far. Just recently, a robber at a local convenience in Louisiana was unable to get away as his escape plan involved video poker. Richie Parnell was arrested recently for armed robbery after he was caught playing video poker at a local casino.

Officials were searching for a male who had robbed a local convenience store in the early morning hours last week. The man was reportedly driving a truck and had been wearing a camouflage jacket when the robbery took place. Police used the information they used and found the truck owned by Parnell outside the Royal Flush Casino.

When officers looked over the truck, they saw the described jacket, a mask and a rifle on the seat of the truck. This is what witnesses said the robber had been using during the incident. Officers went inside the casino and found Parnell playing video poker. Parnell confessed to taking the money once he was questioned of the robbery and was taken in by police. During the time of the robbery, Parnell was out on bond for other robberies which included boats and additional thefts.

The cashiers of the convenience store were unharmed during the robbery but were still shaken up after the incident. Since Parnell already faces charges on other robberies, he will most likely not be given a light sentence since he continues to rob establishments. He may have used the money to try and win more at the video poker machines, but the decision ended up getting Parnell into even more trouble.

- 2014-08-28

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