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Oregon woman steals video poker winnings

Gamblers know the rules when enjoy slots or table games. Individuals must follow the rules of the game to enjoy the entertainment correctly but also follow the unspoken rules of game play. Never walk away from a slot game without cashing out first or donít leave a table game without gathering your chips. Criminals have been known to frequent casinos and try to take advantage of gamers who are not paying attention. (02/06)

Deuces & Joker Wild Live at Slotland

Online gaming site Slotland is one of the most popular casino site offered today as the brand provides a large selection of games, a majority of which are slot games. Slotland is constantly adding to their portfolio to give players more choices when it comes to slots, video poker and more. The brand recently announced a new All American video poker game launch, with the title Deuces & Joker Wild. (19/02)

Video Poker Upgrades at Slotland

Enjoying online casino gaming is something that players from around the globe love to do on a daily basis. Online gaming makes it easy for players to enjoy blackjack, roulette, poker and more. Video poker is a popular option that Slotland just recently decided to upgrade at their online casino site. Slotland just debuted a new game titled Tens Or Better and now has decided to launch the All American. (01/02)

Free Video Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino

Enjoying online casino gaming is easy once you find a top site in which to play your favorite games. One such site is the Juicy Stakes Casino, offering quality gaming options with tournaments, bonuses, promotions and more. When you visit the online casino, you will find you can take part in a multitude of gaming options. Currently, the site is offer free video poker game play on several games just by logging on to the site! (12/06)

Jefferson Parish Couple Arrested for Negligence after Video Poker

It is not uncommon for gamblers to make bad decisions when gaming. It seems like almost every day that players are getting into trouble by making a decision that is not legal or sound. From drinking too much or losing too much money, players make decisions that can affect their life for years to come. A couple from Jefferson Parish in Algiers decided to go play the video poker games last weekend which is a common decision. However the couple left three children in a vehicle while they went and gambled which is never a good thing. The couple now faces jail time for their decision to play the game without a proper babysitter. (12/09)

Convenience Store Robber Caught Playing Video Poker

When a criminal decides to rob a store or business, they must have an escape plan. Without an effective escape plan, a robber may get away with cash but will be unable to go very far. Just recently, a robber at a local convenience in Louisiana was unable to get away as his escape plan involved video poker. Richie Parnell was arrested recently for armed robbery after he was caught playing video poker at a local casino. (28/08)

Video Poker Player Goes On Winning Streak

Video poker is a fun casino game that players enjoy for a fast-paced poker experience. The game is just like poker but you play it in video form and can go through hands much quicker than with a standard poker game. At Jackpot Capital Casino, one player was recently able to earn a huge payday after going on a nice winning streak. (11/08)

New Video Poker Titles Released by CG Technology

Video poker is a popular form of online gambling and can be found in online game play at a number of online casinos and gaming sites. CG Technology is a company that produces online casino games and recently announced the creation of two new video poker games. Improve Your Hand and Quick Draw Stud will now be available on mobile devices where CG Technology games are enjoyed. (06/08)

North Carolina Men Charged in Video Poker Raid

Video poker machines are not allowed in several states of the US but this does not stop individuals from providing the games for gamblers to enjoy. Video poker machines can be found hidden in convenience stores, the backs of retailers and basically anywhere. With video poker gamers, owners can make a profit without cutting in the state or federal government when the games are provided on the down low. However, when caught, those involved can face serious charges and even jail time. (31/07)

Diner Fire Result of Stolen Video Poker Funds

Money is said to be the root of all evil and in the gambling industry, this can certainly be true. Gamblers as well as individuals can quickly become greedy and end up making horrible decisions. Sometimes gamblers go into great debt by playing their favorite games or criminals will go to extreme measures to steal from casino games. The latter is what happened recently in a Terrytown diner. (04/06)

Video Poker Robber Admits to Crime

Casino gamblers are no stranger to crime with robberies and attacks taking place regularly. Gamblers have steady streams of cash at the casino and are prime targets for criminals. Many times, a criminal will watch a player and then attack when they least expect to take the winnings they just earned. A woman in Forest Grove was accused to robbing a video poker winner while he slept and has now plead guilty to the crime. (15/05)

Wild Jack Progressive Pays Off For Video Poker Gambler

Wild Jack Casino is a popular online gambling site that provides a wide selection of gaming opportunities. Players can enjoy a wide selection of gaming opportunities such as video poker, table games and more. the site recently announced that a player has earned a large jackpot prize thanks to a progressive game. (28/03)

Jail Sentences Earned in Michigan Video Poker Scheme

A video poker scheme in the state of Michigan has earned the culprits sentences after taking $300,000 from the state. Joe Michael Koster, the mastermind of the project, has been sentenced to three years, the most out of the six charged for the crime. (13/03)

Police Officer Caught Playing Video Poker On Duty

We all have jobs to do on a daily basis. Some of us are moms while others are sales clerks, teachers, doctors, etc. Each position requires certain duties and daily activities. There are of course rules to every position and these rules must be followed to be successful and keep your job. But sometimes, individuals have a difficult time sticking with the rules of the position. Police officers are supposed to be on top of their game so it was definitely a shock when a police officer was found to be playing video poker while on duty. (10/01)

Louisiana Police Searching for Video Poker Scammer

Video poker is a common game played in the US as the electronic version is allowed in casinos as well as bars and restaurants. Many states that do not allow for traditional gambling will allow for video gaming as it is considered a game that requires luck and not skill. Because the games are so frequently available, they tend to be subject to robbery and theft. In the state of Louisiana, police are currently searching for a video poker scammer. (27/12)

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